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Welcome to Messiah Lutheran Church
messiah_with_crossWe are located in Point Place, part of Toledo, Ohio. We have a long history as a fishing community. Our community members work hard to fulfill the needs of their families

As Jesus told Peter and
his brother, tending their fishing trade along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men ", (Matthew 4:18-20), we here at Messiah Lutheran Church are also the Lord's "fishers".
We open our arms and hearts to all who want to learn and be part of those who live in the "light" of God's love, forgiveness and promise of eternal life.

As a fisherman, fishing to feed himself and his family, also find peace and the wonders of God's day and creations, we, and you, will find peace walking inGod's light and bringing that light to others. Come and be a fisher for God along with us at Messiah. Feed yourself and help us feed the hungry sitting along the shore needing to be fed; needing to be "nourished" with the food of life and needing to find the peace that only God's food and promise of forgiveness and everlasting life can give.

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 April brings us both cleansing
nourishing rains of Spring.
God brings cleansing and nourishment
to our soul through the birth and
death of his son, Jesus Chris sent
to live, teach and die giving us a
path of forgiveness and everlasting life.                   

pastor getzinger_1  

              Pastor Cindy Getzinger
Pastor leads us through many programs of this Holy season.
Many of these special days she explains along with the
classes she teaches on her page.  See below.

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Healthy Road Sigh            Messiah's Health Corne
Kathy,.tells us how to feel renewal and refreshed
felt only by drinking of the "living" water God gives.
Read Kathy's article at:
Main Menu>Resources>Health MinistryHealth Corner

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lily framed April Bible Readings     lily framed rt
These are often "narrative" readings with one or more readers.

Thursday, April 2
Maundy Thursday
Matthew 26:17-30

Friday, April 3

Good Friday
8:00 p.m. service

Sunday, April 5
Easter Sunday
Matthew 28:1-10

Sunday, April 19  
Tuesday, April 21
Third Sunday of Easter
Psalm 29
Acts 10:1-17; 34-35     

 Sunday, April 12
Tuesday, April 14
Second Sunday of Easter
Psalm 40:9-10
Matthew 28:16-20

Sunday, April 26
Tuesday, April 28
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Psalm 61:1-5
Acts 13:1-3; 14:8-18

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News Flash


Congregational Meeting
   Sunday, April 26,

  Bar-B-Q Dinners
   May 8, June 5, 
July 17, August

     Give Blood
Saturday, May 16


Special Upcoming
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